Response to the Coronavirus Pandemic


Expanding and Responding to the Need

Now more than ever, it's important for us to find a way to support our families! Children who are actively fighting cancer or have faced a cancer diagnosis are among the vulnerable population the coronavirus targets. Accordingly, we have shifted our focus from providing custom hospital gowns to sewing face masks for our families. 

Continue reading to learn more about applying for free face masks for your family, or how you can get involved!

Our Mission

Claire loved helping others. Before cancer paralyzed her right side, taking away her ability to write, Claire drew pictures of hospital gowns for other childhood cancer patients. She wanted to spread joy to other kids with cancer.

We strive to give light and hope to families facing childhood cancer.

We spread Claire's Sunshine by helping fund childhood cancer research, connecting cancer families with resources, sending out Sunshine Care Packages, and by raising awareness through community engagement.


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