Our Story


Her Light

Claire was the very picture of selfless, unconditional love. Shortly after her terminal diagnosis, Claire became paralyzed on her right side, no longer able to walk or use her dominant hand. Her speech and vision deteriorated, and she soon became incontinent. Completely bed-bound, Claire always found reasons to smile, and even though she was suffering, she was still concerned about the happiness of others. 


Her Love

Claire was diagnosed with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma, or DIPG, a brain stem tumor. However, she continued to maintain hope, believing in a life after diagnosis. Before she became paralyzed in her right side, she would sketch drawings of hospital gowns for other sick kids. Weeks before leaving this Earth, Claire asked her mom if she could cut up a spare memory foam pad to make stuffed animals for homeless kids. 


Her Legacy

The foundation was created to honor Claire's giving spirit and provide hope to those who are suffering from pediatric brain cancer. During her last days, Claire brought a community together in prayer, providing hope and love in a way that truly blurred the lines between heaven and Earth. The foundation strives to give back and to give hope.


The Need

Childhood Cancers receive less than 4% of all available funding for cancer research. Pediatric brain cancer, particularly DIPG, which carries a terminal diagnosis, receives less than 1% of this funding. Our children deserve better. 


The Hope

 The foundation strives to raise awareness for childhood cancers so that people recognize the gold in much the same way as they pink. Together, we will raise awareness, funding, and give back to the community that had given us so much.